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Morning Dew 

I ´ll  look for what has no form

Nor paths to tread

And there I will throw myself 

In silence

I´ll fall

Like a handkerchief 

Begging for peace

I’m looking for consent

And I will have it, I will find it,  invent it if I have to 

One world 

Reigning  there would be

To propose poetry metrics

As guidellines and laws 


Touch each other 

Your hand guiding mine

Until the storm outside 

Becomes morning dew 

Let love be

The lighthouse that illuminates the sunset

When the rage 

Burns only in the east

Bitterness will sink you 

Let pain measure the depth 

of what is left of this worlds profundity

teach us to care for the seas


Music, lyrics, arrangement, guitar, and bass : Zélia Fonseca
Voice: Zélia Fonseca and
Magdalena Matthey
Violins : Liv Solveig
Cello: Rosana Levental

Recorded by Julia Fonseca/Heidelberg* violins recorded by Liv Solveig/Berlin

Magdalena’s voice by Tilo González / Santiago de Chile

Mixed by Johannes Wohlleben at Bauerstudios / Ludwigsburg
Label: Enja&Yellowbird records/München



Copyright Zelia Fonseca